Thursday, April 3, 2008

I HATE! When Your Hair Gets Stuck in Your Lip Gloss

Ah - another one of those pet peeves that is completely out of your control.

It never fails, you spend several highly stressful minutes applying the perfect shade of lip gloss - making ever-so-sure that your lips are evenly glossed and that none of that sticky, fruity gooey-ness has strayed below or above your lip line. You're checking to make sure you've managed to avoid getting any gloss on your teeth - and then it happens.

Whether I'm driving in the car or walking down the street, if I've just applied lip gloss, a gust of wind will inevitably find me and blow my hair onto my face - leaving strands of hair stuck to my perfectly and freshly glossed lips.

My hair could be tied back in the tighest ponytail known to man (and I'm talking jaws of life tight), but at least one strand will ALWAYS manage to break free at that exact moment and find it's way onto my lips. And there it will stay until I can manage to peel the now-greasy strand away and secure it behind my ear.

Maybe I'm particulary peeved by this phenomenon because, having very fine hair, lip gloss will immmediately make my strands look greasy and dirty. And a shampooing will most definitely be needed ASAP. And frankly, my hair, being the thin and overly-processed pathetic mop that it is, doesn't need anymore catastrophes - truth!

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