Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I HATE! Slow Drivers

eccentrichic: dude you HAVE to write about your road rage....seriously....nothing compares to the anger you release when driving behind an abnormally slow human being

So... I definitely have some road rage issues. This I will not deny, but instead will blame on my father - a man with serious road rage (I'm talking driving up on curbs and medians to get around slow drivers). After growing up in such an environment, how could I help but become an aggressive driver? I was powerless to resist. I'm pretty sure I was born with the agressive driver gene. Even when I ride as a passenger in someone else's car, I can feel myself critiquing their driving - urging them silently in my mind to speed up to catch the yellow light before it turns red or to pass the car on their left because the old lady at the wheel is driving too slowly for my liking. No joke, it makes me anxious to drive with other people because I'm not in control of the car.

This lack of control brings me to one of my most lameted pet peeves. For sure, I am the most vocal about this one. Anyone who has driven with me knows that I CANNOT STAND slow drivers. If you want to meander your way down the freeway, that's fine, but don't poke along in the left lane! The left lane is for people who want to drive fast - namely me. I hate it when people drive slowly in the left lane. Well, to be more accurate, I hate it when people drive slowly in ANY lane.

It's not that I think everyone should drive like a speed demon, but I certainly think that it's common courtesy to move out of the way of a fellow driver who is seemingly trying to pass you. If that requires you to pull over to the shoulder because you're driving on a one-lane road, do so! That's all I'm asking for - a little common courtesy, a little human compassion!

If you're a slow driver, perhaps just a cautious one, stick to the right lane and let people pass you! And that brings me to another point: I am also enraged when people are driving slowly, but when you try to pass them, they speed up to prevent you from doing so. This may actually infuriates me to an even higher degree - if that's possible. If you want to drive slowly, drive slowly, but let other people drive quickly and pass you. What's the harm? It's only one car length. It's not going to make much of a difference. And if you're driving slow enough for me to want to pass you, you're not getting to where you're going any time soon regardless.

This discussion kind of makes me want to run someone over with my car...

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Anonymous said...

I actually passed a public works truck on a wide open farm road today, becauase the @#$@#$@# was sightseeing, doing about 5 mph in a 20 mph zone. When I got to work, I got a phone call from the local sheriff, because the P.O.S. public works driver reported me. Talk about wanting to throttle someone.