Thursday, May 8, 2008

I HATE! White People with Dreadlocks

So I can't believe I didn't think about this earlier - I really hate white people who wear their hair in dreads. And I'm going to get right to the point here and not dilly-dally around the root of the issue. Dreads on white people are really gross because the texture of white people's hair makes their hair look dirty more or less after one day of not washing it. That's the reality. The texture just does not accommodate this look. If you're white and you wear dreads, your hair will inevitably look dirty, greasy, and unkempt (I get that that's kind of the intention with dreadlocks, but white people hair looks particuarly bad when left unbrushed for 11 months.)

I, for one, could never wear dreads, even if I wanted to, because (let me give you an example) my hair will be dirty by the time I wake up in the morning even if I've washed it the night before. So just imagine what that would look like a million times over: pretty grim, isn't it? By the time my hair would even form the dreads (if it could even do that is debatable because my hair is so freaking thin), there would most definitely be animals or insects nesting there and/or an oil slick would have developed. It's really an unattractive concept.

And I am all for self-expression, etc., but I also can't help feeling that white people with dreads are trying to present an image of themselves as something that they're not. Disagree if you will, but most of the whities with dreads that I've met have all turned out to be HUGE posers. Maybe it's just those few who sully the good name for the rest of the white-dread-wearers; maybe not, but I am going to stand firm on my belief that white people should stay away from dreads at all cost. There's just something icky about it - both to look at and the general vibe that it gives off.


KGirl said...

Didnt that girl go to our high school?


Elijah Davis said...

White dreadlocks must be cleaned with soap regularly just like any other hair. So the notion it is dirty is ignorant assumptions.

As far as you and anyone else not liking it, who gives a fuck? People dress how they like, style their hair how they like, etc. No one Cares if other people don't like it.

Unknown said...
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MrSoloDolo 314 said...

I don't like people that judge others for not having their strands of hair straight, and stuck together instead. What a stupid reason to "hate" somebody. I'm sure you're fun and pleasant to be around. Here's an idea, don't look at them then. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly ignorant. People of all cultures and races (a modern and non-scientific term) have had dreadlocks for millennia.

Anonymous said...

Next your going to tell black people they can't straighten or bleach their hair. Ugh! Ignorant.